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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ECC?

The Enterprise Computing Community (ECC) was formed thanks to a National Science Foundation grant that Marist College and 8 academic partners and 9 industry partners received in September 2008. The objective of the community is to "Revitalize Undergraduate Education in Enterprise Computing" to address the national skills shortage in large systems technology. The mission of the ECC is to improve undergraduate education in large systems and graduate a new generation of talent that will provide industries with the ability to secure, sustain, and grow their operations. Filling the skills shortage will stabilize a vulnerable technology environment before the problem reaches crisis proportions. Much of the community collaboration is done via an online project site hosted at Marist.

Why should I join the ECC?

You can contribute to the mission of the ECC community as a faculty member, industry executive, professional technologist or a student. You can learn about the steps that universities and industry are taking to address the skills shortage, the interests of current technology students, and the latest large system technology topics. You can work with the community on ways to improve the current undergraduate curriculum in enterprise systems.

What are my obligations if I join the ECC?

There is no charge to join the community. Your participation can be as active as you determine but your active participation is encouraged in the yearly ECC Conference held at Marist in June.

How do I join the ECC?

You can join the ECC by going to ecc.marist.edu and clicking on the "Join Now" button. You will be asked to complete a few simple questions about your interests.

What is the ECC Conference?

The ECC Conference is an on-ground conference hosted at Marist College each June. Keynote speakers are invited from industry and academia. Panel discussions are held with faculty members, students and industry representatives. Peer-reviewed papers are presented in break-out sessions over the 2 days of the conference. There is no fee to attend the ECC Conference and food is provided. Participants must provide their own housing and transportation. See http://ecc.marist.edu/conf/

What is the dress code for the Conference?

The dress code for all events during the conference is business casual.

Will I get a confirmation when I register for the Conference?

Once you complete the online registration and hit "submit" you can safely assume you are registered. Approximately 10 days prior to the Conference start, we will request that you reconfirm your registration.