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2022 ECC Conference
June 12 - 14 at Marist College

George Decandio,
Chief Technology Officer

Nicole Fagen,
Director, Engineering, AI Ops & Automation

Matt Hogstrom,
Distinguished Engineer, AI Ops & Automation

Broadcom Mainframe Software Division

Terri R. Merz, DCS, CISSP, CISM

Senior Research Scientist PNNL

Cyber Research Fellow CEHC UAlbany

Michael W. Kattan, PhD

Chair Quantitative Health Sciences,

Lerner Research Institute

Donna Dillenberger

IBM Fellow,

CTO Hybrid Cloud Systems Research

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Conference Themes: 

  •  Cybersecurity

Detailed Description 

  •   SocioTechnology

Detailed Description  


Keynote Speakers

Donna Dillenberger, IBM Fellow at IBM's Watson Research Center

Donna Dillenberger

IBM Fellow, CTO Hybrid Cloud Systems Research
Donna Dillenberger is an IBM Fellow at IBM's Watson Research Center. She has worked on machine learning models for financial, insurance, retail, and healthcare industries. She has designed new features for systems scalability and availability.  She is a Master Inventor, an Adjunct Professor at Columbia University, and the IBM CTO of Systems Research for Hybrid Cloud and has been elected to the Board of Trustees of Marist College.  She is currently working on machine learning, counterfeits, Z systems, cloud and the future of learning.

Donna's Full Bio

Michael Kattan Photo 

Michael W. Kattan, PhD, the Dr. Keyhan and Dr. Jafar Mobasseri Endowed Chair for Innovations in Cancer Research and Chair Department of Quatitative Health Sciences, Lerner Research Institute, Cleveland Clinic

Michael W. Kattan, Ph.D. is Chairman of the Department of Quantitative Health Sciences at The Cleveland Clinic and Professor of Medicine, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of Case Western Reserve University. He is also the Dr. Keyhan and Dr. Jafar Mobasseri Endowed Chair for Innovations in Cancer Research.   Dr. Kattan holds a Ph.D. in management information systems with a minor in statistics.  He also holds an MBA with concentration in quantitative sciences.  With over 650 peer-reviewed publications, he is best known for his prediction models, called nomograms.  

Michael's Full Bio

George Decandio, Chief Technology Officer, Broadcom Mainframe Software Division

George is the CTO of the Mainframe Software Division. He is responsible for the team of architects that lead product development across the entire mainframe portfolio.


Nicole Fagen,  Director, Engineering, AIOPs & Automation, Broadcom Mainframe Software Division

Nicole Fagen is the Director of Engineering. She is always working to enable customers to achieve their business objectives and maximize the ROI of their IT investment. She fosters a growth mindset across the organization, setting the bar high and supporting the teams to deliver. She enables mainframe modernization, transformation, and growth through innovative impactful solutions.


Matt Hogstrom, Distinguished Engineer – AIOPs & Automation, Broadcom Mainframe Software Division

After spending 16 years of his career as a systems programmer,  Matt then switched to developing software. This gives Matt a unique perspective based on applied experience in product development. At Broadcom, Matt is responsible for the Architecture of the AIOPs products with a specific focus on Automation. He is responsible for the portfolio of products that manage, monitor, and analyze z Systems for performance and optimal execution. In addition to managing IBM Z-related systems, Matt also provides leadership and strategy for z/OS and other platforms as part of the Hybrid Cloud ecosystem.


Terry (AKA Terri) R. Merz DCS, CISSP, CISM

Dr. Merz is a Senior Research Scientist at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). In February of 2022, she was granted a Joint Appointment as a Cyber Research Fellow at the College of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security and Cybersecurity (CEHC) at the University at Albany. Dr. Merz has 25+ years of cybersecurity experience. This experience spans across the areas of systems and cybersecurity engineering, testing (Blue/Red Team testing), and management.

Terry's Full Bio

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